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Minimising student holiday learning loss in just minutes each day.
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Holiday Learning Loss

What is holiday learning loss?

The school holidays are a great time for families to spend valuable time together. However, recent research has shown that extended time away from the classroom can have a huge impact on students’ educational progress.

After only a few weeks of break over the summer holidays students’ scores on standardised tests were typically less than the results they attained only a few months earlier whilst in the classroom.

It is estimated that most students lose about two months of mathematical computation and up to a month of reading comprehension over the summer holidays.

Without frequent opportunities to engage in learning, the hard work children put in at school can easily slip away during the holidays

Keeping kids bright

Breaking free from the classroom comes easily for kids. However, it’s vital to engage them with activities that will help them retain and build upon the key information they have learnt the term before.

apptEDUde has developed an engaging educational app which captivates students’ attention. With fun games designed to revise, retain and extend the key learning outcomes gained from the classroom, students can now minimise their learning loss ensuring that they won’t have fallen behind upon their return to school.

Best of all, due to the engaging graphics and gamified nature of the app, students don’t even realise they are learning!



Every parent wants the best for their child’s education and one way to help your child get ahead is to provide opportunities to revise and extend the learning outcomes achieved at school.

By bringing the apptEDUde learning app into your child’s holidays you are helping them to succeed in school and life, with ongoing opportunities to learn and practise essential skills.

Easily downloadable from the Apple and Google Play app stores, just a few minutes each day will help keep your child from sliding from their best during these holidays.


Keep your students ahead of the curve with the new apptEDUde holiday learning app, designed to tackle the problem of summer holiday learning loss.

By encouraging your students and their parents to use the apptEDUde learning app in the school holidays, you will not only help your students stay educationally focused but it will also make your life easier in the early weeks of a new term. No longer will you need to spend weeks revising and practicing previously taught learning and thinking skills.

Aligned with the Australian Curriculum, teachers who have seen the apptEDUde learning game in action endorse it and encourage their students to use it.

Why not look into opportunities to get your class involved.

Success Factors

Summer holiday programs

Drawn from a number of research studies* the following indicators outline the features of successful summer holiday programs:

Practising classroom teachers are involved in the development of the program.
Students are well aware of what is required to complete the program.
Parents are supportive of and value the program.
The program is based on and related to work completed in the classroom.
Students are motivated by the range of activities provided.
Tasks and activities are seen as challenge by the students.
A variety of thinking styles are required to complete activities.
Students receive immediate and supportive feedback on their progress.
Instructions for activities and tasks are simple and clearly stated.
Students accept responsibility for completing and participating in the program.
Enrichment and extension activities are included in the program.
Tasks and activities relate to student interest to maximise student engagement.
Focus on academic content in key learning areas.

* Getting to Work on Summer Learning: Recommended Practices for Success. Report prepared by RAND Education, a unit of the RAND Corporation (2013) for the Wallace Foundation.

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